message4all - Newsletters Campaigns

Newsletters Campaigns


Compose your campaign on your own time, and schedule dispatch for latter, having your campaign on your audience inbox at the right time.


Use an existing template, or add your own. We keep adding new templates monthly.

Easy reuse

At the click of a button you can reuse and resend campaigns.

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message4all - SMS Campaigns

SMS Campaigns

Sender ID

You can set your sender ID to have the SMS received with a custom sender name.

160 characters

Like any regular SMS service, you can send a message up to 160 characters.

Get replies

For a small fee, you can subscribe to activate replies.

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message4all - Tracking Reports

Tracking Reports


Overall openings counter with comparison chart.


Who clicked, where and when.


Keep track of your bounced messages to maintain a healthy contact list.

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message4all - Business Segments

Business Segments

Multiple identities

Create as many business entities as you need to further personalize your campaigns.

Multiple sender

Create as many senders as you need, to have your target audience interacting with your designated mailbox.

Unlimited combination

When you create a campaign, you can select a combination of business segment and sender details.

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message4all - Contacts Lists

Contacts Lists


Three layered organization of your contact lists, by using a country and region, combined with the list name.

Easy import

You can add a single contact, multiple contacts or a XLS/XLSX document filled with contacts, into each list.


Each list has its own statistics that provide you with an insight on how healthy the list is.

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message4all - API


Easy setup

Two steps setup wizard provides all the code you need to use our API.

Easy integration

Such a small code block can easily be integrated on your website framework, like Laravel, CodeIgniter, WordPress, Joomla, and many others.

No coding expertise required

For a small fee, our developers can provide you with a custom integration that fits your needs.

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message4all - Dashboard


Instant progress feedback

On your dashboard you have access to several feedback aspects, regarding your overall progress.

Account status and alerts

Your account status, invoice details and active product specifications are easily consulted right from your dashboard.

One click access to every functionality

Upon login, you are directed to your dashboard, and from there you have access to every functionality with a single mouse click.